Putting the RP in to RPG

We've fallen back from our advance positions and are now back in the heart of the village to protect it from the goblin army. Along with the villagers, we have some militia from a nearby town, a few druids, and a, um, 'why is there a Mummy Lord here?'

'Oh, that's me', says Thamir. 'I couldn't find my miniature.'

'You realise that you have, by default, Mummy Rot', says Periwinkle, thus satisfying the criteria that in each of our adventures either someone suffers from the disease or we open a gate to hell.

'Mummy Rot? Don't stand next to me, then!' But Brock's concerns are dwarfed by the goblins swarming through our makeshift defences. Thamir, Mummy Lord, gets in to the thick of the action.

'I'll shield-bash one of the goblins. I hit armour class 21.'

'That'll hit the goblin', says the GM. 'In fact, that will hit all NPCs.'

I'm stunned, as 'that's one hell of a hit!'

'I do 7 points of damage', says Thamir.

'...that emanates from the shield to hit every NPC on the battlefield! BOOM!' Sadly, that's not what the GM meant, as Thamir's hit only affects a single goblin after all, leaving all the others standing after the shield bash, and the fight continues.

Thamir is undeterred, though. A few more rounds pass, as he uses a reach-weapon hammer and his combat reflexes to flatten any goblins moving in to melee combat with him, until a fluffed roll causes him to miss. 'Ah, I got confused and tried to hit him with my shield.'

'What? Why would you do that?'

'Actually, I think he simply just missed. What's caused the general confusion amongst us is that he tried to roleplay it.'

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