In a Maze of Twisty References

It's back to the screaming demon head in my bedroom, who calms down enough to mention a name. The name sounds familiar. 'Is that the mayor who imprisoned the demon with the glaive?'

But we're not supposed to mention the glaive, it being intelligent and evil, as our paladin doesn't think he can hear it being referenced, let alone be in the same room with it. This is the same paladin who is aiming to make a pact with a demon and become a blackguard, so why he's making such a fuss over this weapon is beyond me. Even so, mention of the glaive gets his standard denial of, 'what glaive?'

Brennan picks up his cue. 'The glaive with the power.'

'What power?'

'The power of voodoo.'

'Who do?'

'You do.'

'Do what?'

'Remind me of the glaive!'

We either need to get out more, or less. It's hard to say.

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