Humorous Grave Candles

We get the Chelish Crux back to the pathfinder, and retire to a particularly quiet nook before reopening it, where the screaming of a demon head won't draw quite so much attention.

The demon head starts screaming again, and this time we calm it down a little and learn some more history. But mostly we learn that it can't help us. Moving on, there are some more trinkets in the Crux, one being a silver box.

'I'll open the box.'

'It contains four candles.'

'Are they everlasting candles?'

'No. Four candles. 'andles for forks.'

Damn you, The Two Ronnies. Every time the four candles are mentioned we have a giggling fit. We have to light one of the candles, a grave candle apparently, just so that we have three of them and don't continue making the same reference for the rest of the evening.

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