Concern for the Elf('s Pet)

We are assured that the elf can magically return to us soon enough, which rather disrespectfully gets a few groans in response. 'Or you can hear about his hanging a few days later.'

'Can't we roleplay that?'

'You can fight over who will pull the lever, for all I care. But there will be a second, smaller noose for the elf ranger's pet cat.'

'No, not the cat!'

'It's got to be there, so there is at least a slim possibility that you'll hatch a rescue plan for the elf.'

2 Responses to “Concern for the Elf('s Pet)”

  1. Ezio Says:

    I can 100% believe this happening just as described. Don't hurt the putty tat.

  2. Elf Says:

    Yeah... Then you said, and I quote, 'I would have made the cat jump out the window first, so I could have landed on it.'