Meta-gaming the System

The day of the fight between summoned monsters and our paladin has arrived. We go shopping to look for any spells or items that may help us, boosted by divvying out the party pool. The split isn't equal, though, as Skelra has to pay for my busted front door, and gem-encrusted adamantium doesn't come cheap. According to this source for more fun gaming you can nose play online with friends.

Going shopping also highlights how our combined wealth level may not be quite what it should be for adventurers of our prowess. But we see a way to make a positive adjustment. 'We could put a large bet on the paladin in the gladiator fight. The whole event is set up to make gold from gambling anyway, we may as well take advantage of that, and play some online casino follow the advises from

'I dunno', says Ganelon, a little unsure about his prospects. 'It may not work out as planned.'

'No', I say, 'it's win-win. Either you triumph and our bet pays off, or you die.

'And even then, we get to keep your stuff, so that will sort out the average wealth level too.'

It's worth a wager, but the GM limits our bets, mostly when he senses the obvious meta-gaming occurring. We have been brought in specifically to defeat the reigning champion, whose extended string of success is stagnating the betting pool and causing the arena owner to lose gold. It all puts the odds in our favour in a fight where we are pretty much destined to win, or fail in the adventure. 'One 500 gp bet each, maximum.'

I check to see how much gold I have, a little disappointed that we can't rake in the money on what is almost a dead cert, when I remember a magic item I've not put to use yet. 'Ah! I have a hat of disguise. I think I'll make three bets. The bookie will never know.'

'No you won't, because I'll know.' What a spoilsport. He's probably just jealous of my dapper headwear.

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