You Can Run, But You Can't Dodge

The battle between summoned creatures has gone a bit awry. Our paladin has slain all the lemure devils his opponent has thrown his way, and now the wizard has got a bit tetchy about losing a contest he has been used to winning. The wizard has teleported in to the arena, bypassing the portcullis used to keep the summoners out of harm's way, and is attacking Ganelon directly. He casts a spell, and a green arrow shoots from his finger.

Watching from the sidelines, separated from the combat by a second portcullis, Brennan tries to discern what spell has been cast. 'Is he saying 'Melf'?'

'I doubt it. He's probably legally obliged not to. I think you heard him say 'Ralph', though.'

'Ah, that will be Ralph's Acid Arrow, then. Good to know.'

Following on from the acid arrow comes an acid dart, which fires from the wizard's fingers to whistle past the paladin's head. 'It almost hit!', says Ganelon, rather alarmed.

'I believe that almost hitting is technically a miss', I say, trying to add some perspective. The wizard adds some more perspective, by backing off my our armed and armoured fighter, moving faster than the paladin can hope to keep up with under normal movement. Ganelon realises that unless he wants to be running circuits around the arena until one of them collapses from exhaustion he needs to get close, so sprints to get face-to-face with his opponent.

The wizard, in reaction, dimension steps away, back to the centre of the arena. Ganelon fights smarter, not harder. 'If that's the way it's going to be', he says, 'I'll use my bow'.

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