Hamster Ball of Death

We deftly enter the grounds of Delvehaven by vaulting the meagre wall surrounding it, avoiding any wards or traps placed on the long-barred gate. We're not so lucky in avoiding a trap on the path leading to the main door, though. A spark of light alerts our paladin as he steps on a flagstone, letting him jump bravely to one side so our cleric can take the fall for him. It must have been for the greater good, or something.

A sphere of force encapsulates Arleks, isolating him from us. On seeing the dwarf in a translucent ball, Brennan springs in to action. 'You know what your next action is? Hamster ball!'

But, sadly, the GM lets us know that whilst 'he can move it in, he can't move the sphere itself'.

'Then your next action is... Wall of Death! Run around in gradually increasing circles until you're the half-way up the sphere and racing around the circumference.

'Do you have the haste spell learnt? I can try to cast expeditious retreat through the sphere too.'

'I don't think you're taking this trap seriously enough', says the GM. He's right, at least until a swarm of bats materialises inside the sphere with the cleric. That gets our attention.

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