Hearing Silence

The baying mastiffs have split the party, and the two of us that remained may have been unaffected by the fearful howl but we were still nearly split by the dogs' bites. Thanks to a bit of cunning combat, we beat a tactical withdrawal and manage to heal up and wait for the other party members to return from wherever they ran off to.

Well, the cleric returns. Brennan ran through a locked door, which he found easier to do after drinking his potion of gaseous form. Once his fear subsided he came back, saw the mastiff by itself and, assuming we had run away or had been eaten, seeped back through the door and started making his slow way around to the front entrance. We were just around the corner, as it turns out, readying to continue the combat. As a precaution against the baying, Arleks first casts silence and then we charge back in to the room.

'Brennan', Arleks says, 'are you still going to head around to the front of the building?' A single mastiff should no longer cause us too much trouble, but we could always use more help. 'Can't you hear the sounds of the combat now?'

'Not with the silence spell active, no.'

'Right. I remember casting that.' As it turns out, three-against-one is much better odds that two-against-two, and the second doggy falls without any more drama.

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