Thrilling Headgear

The Troubleshooters have an easy mission: escort a prisoner down a short corridor. Simple. Even so, they need to be briefed, outfitted, and then actually complete the mission, otherwise they'd be commie mutants.

Outfitting is a little unusual in this case, as the citizen in charge of equipping the Troublershooters has gone for lunch. Or a brainscrubbing. Either way, he's left a credit card taped to a vending machine, and a list of items the Troubleshooters need.

A bit of finger trouble gets Basil-R some cone rifle flavour, Cone Rifle brand chewing gum instead of the prisoner transportation device, but the weird helmet with remote control on the list drops from the vending machine as required.

'What does the weird helmet do?', wonders Carmen-R aloud, slapping it on the head of Nigel-R in the spirit of experimentation. Helmet in place, Carmen-R presses the accompanying button on the remote control, and Nigel-R starts walking.

And Nigel-R keeps on walking. He tries to stop walking by walking in to a wall, but that just makes him continue walking in to the wall. He falls over to stop walking, only to walk whilst lying prone. 'Is there anything stopping me from taking this helmet off?'

'Common sense?'

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