Nuclear Security is Easy

The mission to escort Herman-G down a short corridor was a miserable failure, albeit a partial success. Herman-G was executed at the Executionaganza on schedule, but in red reflec armour and apparently after a sex-change. Even so, the Troubleshooters have found themselves on punishment duty.

The Troubleshooters' punishment is to inspect and maintain the assets at a Nuclear Missile Silo 543, far outside Alpha Complex. Getting there is relatively problem free, with only two Troubleshooters parachuting out of the rapidly descending flybot, and the third managing to talk the bot in to a controlled crash instead of a wildly out-of-control crash.

Getting in to missile silo 543 presents no problems, at which point the Troubleshooters can open their mission orders. 'The first criteria is to ensure that the facility is secure', says Betty-R.

'Done', says George-R. 'It's secure. The door is closed.'

'Right. The multi-domed, many-tunnelled nuclear missile silo is obviously secure because the one door we entered through has closed behind us.

'This is going to be a long six months.'

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