If Lasers Don't Work, Go Nuclear

As often happens when people are thrust together in confined spaces for extended periods of time, tempers flare in Nuclear Missile Silo 543. Except the Troubleshooters have only been here for about thirty minutes, and have inspected three of the six or so domes in the silo. And it's not just angry words being thrown around, but laser fire.

Eric-R is attempting to shoot the other Troubleshooters, suspecting them of being commies, but is having trouble aiming at someone trembling a few feet away. 'Change of plan. I want to shoot at the pipe that I recognise, thanks to my training in nuclear engineering, as part of the cooling system, so that the searing hot steam will burst out and engulf George-R instead.'

'You want to willingly destroy part of a nuclear facility's cooling system? Okay. Make a roll.'

It's a good hit. A really good hit. The pipe ruptures impressively, shooting hot steam at high pressure right in to the face of a now-screaming George-R. And Eric-R. Both are sent flying over the railing and in to the toxic water that has accumulated below.

Betty-R is only not hit by the steam because she is getting up from falling over the railing moments earlier, although she would swear that some unknown, probably mutant force knocked her. And this gives her a good vantage point, now a couple of steps back up the metal spiral staircase, to shoot the instigator of this violence.

She takes aim, and Betty-R's laser pistol sends a bolt of energy in to the side of Eric-R's head, right in the area of a pre-existing condition. Eric-R drops back in to the toxic water, not quite dead, but probably heading that way now that he is finding breathing difficult without any air.

One immediate threat is neutralised. Now if only the nuclear reactor's cooling system wasn't suffering from a major leak.

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