Losing His Head in Seeking Revenge

Eric-R wants revenge. He has just had his left forearm vaporised whilst trying to stop Betty-R from shooting High Programmer Stan-U. It seems he needn't have bothered, as Stan-U's body is protected by a force field, and with no ideas left of what to do in the secret base the pair start trudging back to nuclear missile silo 543.

As they climb the stairs, Eric-R stalks close behind Betty-R. Badly. Betty-R notices and turns to meet her would-be attacker.

'I draw my pistol', says Eric-R.

But Eric-R was left-handed up until ten minutes ago, right up to the point where his forearm was vaporised. That can easily slip a Troubleshooter's mind, and it is only when Eric-R reaches down to grab his pistol from its holster that he realises he has no hand to grab with.

As Eric-R fails to draw his pistol, Betty-R draws hers. It's quite easy when you still have hands.

'I still want to draw my pistol!' says Eric-R. He reaches across his body with his right hand to draw his pistol. But, of course, the pistol is holstered for the left-hand to grab its butt and draw the gun out. Reaching across with the right hand pulls the pistol in precisely the wrong direction to have a failed Agility roll make the gun fall from Eric-R's hand and skitter down the stairs.

Eric-R watches in panic as the gun falls away from him, which coincidentally gives Betty-R a great view of the back of Eric-R's head, at point blank range. At least, it does for as long as it takes for Betty-R to pull the trigger.

The headless body of Eric-R-CLS-3 slumps on the stairs of Stan-U's secret base, not quite enjoying the sweet taste of revenge he was after.

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