Continuing the Many Deaths of Eric-R

Betty-R returns to silo 543, Eric-R no longer with her, to reunite with George-R. 'Did you see the alert The Computer sent out, to launch a nuclear missile at Sector ZQD?', says Betty-R.

'Yes. I tried to launch one', George-R lies, 'but it didn't work. I pressed all the buttons, nothing happened.'

'Did you try pressing them again?'

'Yes. Still nothing.'

'How about turning it off and back on again?'

'Turn off a nuclear reactor?'

'Sure. What could go wrong?' But before they can see just what can go wrong with turning off a nuclear reactor, they notice from security camera that some Armed Forces goons have dumped a body bag in the airlock of silo 543. They go to investigate.

Pulling the body bag in from the airlock, George-R and Betty-R ponder what to do with it. 'It's probably a mutant commie way of trying to get in to the base.', says Betty-R.

'Let's throw it on the slime mould sofa', suggests George-R.

'Good plan.'

'Hey, let me out!', comes a shout from the body bag.

'Yep', says Betty-R, 'this is an obvious mutant commie plot'.

'Don't you recognise the voice?' says George-R, a little unsure.


Easily convinced, George-R helps Betty-R pick up the body bag and throw it over the railing to the ground floor of the silo, which is beneath two feet of toxic water. Betty-R is not happy with the original plan. 'That water's filthy. I'm not carrying him now. Let's look for a pole to push him with.'

The body bag, hearing the plan to dispose of whoever's inside, is getting restless. 'Guys? It's me! Eric-R! Let me out!'

It is indeed Eric-R. His replacement clone stumbled in to IntSec and Armed Forces following Herman-G in their own way of finding Stan-U's secret base, and now Eric-R has been unceremoniously dumped back at the silo after Seeing Too Much. It's only a shame that he waited so long to identify himself to his comrade Troubleshooters, who have left the room to look for a pole and didn't hear Eric-R say who he was.


Eric-R's Troubleshooter colleagues return. With a pole. Eric-R feels the pole push in to the body bag, and him under water, and so tries again to identify himself. 'Guys! It's Eric-R! Help me out of here!'

'It does sound like Eric-R', says Betty-R. 'And now that he's underwater, it even sounds like the last time we drowned him.'

'Should we let him out?', asks George-R.

'In a minute.'

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