In Case of Accidental Nuclear Warhead Detonation

The Troubleshooters, miniaturised and injected in to Stan-U, have somehow reached Brain Sector. Their mission to plant a nuclear warhead in the pre-frontal cortex of the rogue High Programmer is coming to a head.

The revamped internal structure of Stan-U's brain looks similar to Alpha Complex corridors. 'Can we take off our suits?' says Carmen-R, worried that her hat-hair won't look good for the cameras. What cameras? Who knows. 'George-R, maybe you can keep your suit on.'

'No, I think I'd like to take it off too.'

'But you're carrying the nuke.'

'I don't think this environmental suit will protect me from a nuclear blast.'

'No', says Betty-R, 'you probably need a fridge for that'.

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