Picking Open the Plot

Poking around the house of Henry Hancock has us delving in to his basement. In one of the rooms we discover a secret chamber behind a false wood panel, which apparently has been overlooked by whoever has ransacked the nearby study. The heavy iron box in the chamber may have been what the intruders were looking for, but we've found it.

Rather, what's inside the box may be important. Let's open it. But it has two locks holding the lid fast. Damn, with Castle's lock-picking 'skills' we may as well just put it back. We've got no chance of getting it open.

No, we won't give up yet! We thoroughly check the house for the keys to the locks, rifling through the mess in the study, and checking upstairs to see if we can find the keys, but none can be found. Perhaps there is a crowbar or hammer and chisel somewhere.

We may have to rely on Castle picking the lock. Our man cheers at given the opportunity, but I don't think this isn't a time for cheering. Even so, with but one stumble, the first lock is opened. And the second flicks open with the first attempt. By Jove, I think he's getting the hang of this.

And not only does Castle pick a lock the same day that he starts fiddling with it, but the solid lump of gold inside the box looks like we've found a fragment of the Disk of R'lyeh.

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