This Ain't Paranoia

We've uncovered about as much information as we think we can muster through talking to the general population and by researching in the library. Now we need to get back to more physical investigations. As we've already thoroughly ransacked Hancock's house, the obvious next place to visit is the dig site, where the temple to the elder god once stood.

There are no solid roads leading to the dig site, but there are dirt tracks. We think our car could take us most of the way there, but it will be rough going and there's the possibility that the car will break down in some way.

Breaking down in the middle of the Scottish wilderness, in a place holding legends of serpent-people, near the site of a temple to an elder god, the focus of all the recent preternatural events, would be bad.

'Can anyone fix the car if it breaks down?'

'I think Bert's character has the mechanical repair skill. I'm not sure, though.'

'Well, if he doesn't, we can just get his character killed again so that he can create a new one that does.'

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