Our Souls Need Saving

Part of a manuscript is handed to us by a researcher that worked for Henry Hancock, and we seek the rest of it. Apparently, the local doctor is a bit of a scholar and helped translate the scrap, so we visit him to see if there is any more to the manuscript. There is, and it reveals some interesting details from Roman times.

We start talking about myths and legends, trying to eke out information about the serpent-people mentioned in the manuscript that we feel could actually be real. 'See the priest', says the doctor, when we conclude our conversation.

We see the priest. We ask about the serpent-people and the associated myths and legends, and although the priest is keen to tell us what he knows he says we should 'see the doctor, because he's the local expert on these matters'.

'The doctor told us to come and see you', says Castle. 'Why would he say that if he's the expert?'

'Maybe the doctor was worried about the good of your souls', says the priest.

'Our souls?' I say.

Castle sees the sense in this. 'Priests and our souls go together naturally.'

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