Abominably Wrong Number

'Are you seriously contemplating burning the house down and burning the young girl alive?'

'She's probably already dead.'

'Or worse.'

'If she's worse than dead, I think I'm okay with burning her al—uh...'

'Burning her not-dead?'

'Well, we could send for the police, whilst two of us wait at the farm to see if anybody comes in or out. If Belphegor doesn't come out, the police can go in to arrest him legitimately. He's a wanted man, after all. And if Belphegor runs, we will see that he does, and that just leaves old man MacBain in the house. We can probably force our way past him to search for the girl. The worst that can happen is MacBain shoots Harry Herpderp, which is a risk I think we're all willing to take.'

And that's our plan. One flaw, though, is in sending Herpderp to talk to the police officer. Despite Herpderp not being his real name, he starts mumbling and bumbling, and going wildly off-topic, and we're back at the farm, watching for movement, and so can't get him back on track. Or can we?

I have a spell or two to communicate at a distance. Perhaps I could try one to help out Herpderp. 'What the bloody hell? Focus on Belphegor being at the farm! You can be such a cock sometimes.'

But wait a minute. A spell or two? Candle communication was the one I was thinking of, the other is, let's see... Contact Deity (Nyarlathotep). 'Um, who am I speaking to, please?'

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