And Aim Lower than the Chandelier!

The police are told of wanted man Belphegor's presence in a property we are watching. They turn up and force their way in to the house.

The police also come out again, obviously terrified at whatever just made that abominable sound within. We rally them and get most to go back in, with us behind them for support this time.

MacBain and Belphegor are ready and waiting. Belphegor is unnaturally changed, whilst MacBain has a shotgun pointed towards the front door. He fires it at the first sign of repeated intrusion.

A roll of 99 on the D100 is not a malfunction for the shotgun, but it is certainly a miss.

'He must have aimed too high', says Harry Herpderp. 'Maybe he shot the chandelier and that dropped down on to Belphegor to help us out.'

'Chandelier? This is a farmhouse in the wilderness of Scotland.' Either way, it's a miss that does no one any damage. This lets a couple of us get close enough to MacBain so that his shotgun becomes mostly useless, whilst the police wrestle with the metamorphosed Belphegor.

Belphegor surprisingly is suppressed by the police, whilst Herpderp is hit over the head with the shotgun and taken down by MacBain, the farmer still fighting quite insanely. But with Herpderp down, Castle has a clear shot with his elephant gun.

'Fire a warning shot! In the chest!'

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