Holding Back

Our small squad of Deathwatch space marines is dropped on to a troubled planet. We land in the middle of a brawl.

'Let's go in to initiative. Make your rolls.'



'8. I like to roll low, hold back, assess the situation before committing myself.'

'Or maybe you're a coward.' The Horde comes bearing down on us, and Brother Elyas takes to air with his scout jump-pack, dropping a frag grenade in to the mass of bodies. Boom! The grenade explodes, sending limbs everywhere.

I pull my bolter up and rake across the horde with automatic fire, easily hitting with each shot and the explosive rounds taking down another small chunk of the rebel force.

Finally, Brother Sepheran gets his heavy bolter spinning up to speed, and it spews explosive rounds at an incredible rate. A decent to-hit roll on fully automatic fire with explosive rounds, coupled with the devastator marine's ability to cut through hordes means that there is no horde left.

Of course, if Brother Sepheran had acted first, we could have saved some ammunition.

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