Not Getting Out

Walking through the hand-carved tunnel behind the farmhouse gets us to a cavern, where we find steps leading up. As we get closer, we hear a noise coming from up the stairs.

'Okay, they know some spells. These are the most appropriate.' It is the noise of the GM talking to himself, it seems. 'Oh, this is crazy.' Great, that's just what we want to hear.

We press on regardless, clearly not knowing what we are about to face. 'As you go up the stairs you see cloaked lizardmen. They raise...'

'...some kind of white flag?' That's Harry Herpderp, showing true optimism. Sadly, the lizardmen raise some bizarre-looking guns, firing at us and hitting Madame Za Za, but not with a bullet.

The death-beam, for want of a better term, not only kills Za Za in one hit but also forces a sanity check, which Herpderp fails, making this a pretty successful session overall. But success is relative, and despite fighting back and prevailing against these lizardmen, firing our traditional projectile-based guns draws the attention of more lizardmen.

I try to drag Za Za out of the cavern the way we came, ignoring the newly heard cry of a baby as being obviously some kind of illusion, trap, or psychosis I'm suffering. That's what I'm telling myself. Herpderp and Castle go for the baby.

I run in to another lizardman, blocking my path, and I'm armed with a fairly dead fortune teller and a crowbar. It has sharp teeth, and wins when trading blows. I drop to the floor, unconscious and bleeding. Herpderp and Castle locate the sound of the crying and do indeed find the kidnapped baby, as well as more lizardmen. And as the pair have a couple of guns, they manage to mostly survive.

Three lizardmen are dropped at the cost of Herpderp. Castle tries to drag him out of the cavern whilst also carrying the rescued baby, only to run in to the lizardman I was unable to subdue. One-on-one, the lizardman's poison bite wins, leaving us all unconscious and at the mercy of the lizardmen, or already dead.

What happens next we can only dream dread dreams about.

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