One Governor Coming Up

We need to get to the city's astropath so she can send a message through the void before the tyranid fleet casts its shadow. Reaching the city walls is easy enough, with only a small pocket of rebel activity to defeat along the way, and convincing the city guards to let us in is straightforward. Persuading the Hollow Guard is a different matter.

It doesn't make much difference that we are Deathwatch space marines, here doing the work of the Emperor, on a vital mission to help save the planet, the Hollow Guard won't let us in to the astropath chamber without permission from the governor. That seems rather petty, but if that's what's needed then so be it.

Brother Elyas is despatched to the mansion to bring the governor to us, which I trust he will do. Brother Elyas is not known for his diplomatic skills and so is unlikely to be long in his task. But when the screams start when he finds the governor, and Elyas voxes 'Genestealers!', I feel that perhaps this was not the best time to split the party.

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