A New Record

Tracing the source of the poison in the river should be as simple as tracing the source of the river. To do that, you head upstream. We negotiate expenses with the town governor to help her hamlet, which thankfully gets us out of wagon-guarding duty in the process, and we follow the river to see where the dead sheep's rotting carcass is dumped.

The evidence of poison continues all the way to the source of the river, which is a lake that is thankfully not regularly shaped. And not all the source is obviously poisoned, with most of it still being fresh spring water. The source of the poison is clearly near where the water leaves for the river.

The poison seems to be mostly on the surface too, which lets one of us dive underwater to investigate how a dead sheep could be causing so much pollution. I am foolishly the first to suggest swimming down to take a look, so I hand Farrel my bow, borrow a dagger, and dive in.

Getting closer to the source I can see something through the water. 'Is it a dead sheep?'

'It's a skull.'

'A sheep skull?'

'Not any sheep you've seen.'

'That's not a no.' But as I turn to report this polluting sheep skull to my companions, my attention is caught by some creatures swimming towards me. Not just any creatures, but weird skeletal snapping turtles. In my astonishment, I briefly forget how to swim, allowing the bony bastards to catch me and start pecking away.

I am startled for only a few seconds though, and manage to get to the surface to signal for help. 'Throw me a rope!'

'Throw us the idol!' Thanks, that's helpful. 'At least you survived the surprise round this time.'

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