The Rope Code

We've found the source that's poisoning the river. It's a skull. Now we just need to recover it from the lake and take it back to the village to prove that we were the ones who have cleaned the river.

'Who's going in to the lake to tie the rope to the skull?'

'Toogood. He has rope use as a skill, so can probably make the best knot.'

'And what are you taking with you?'

'A knife, I guess. And a weasel.'

'Why the weasel?'

'Isn't the weasel the underwater version of the canary?' says Farrel.

'So what does Toogood do when the weasel drowns?'

'Come up for air.' What a question.

So in to the river goes Toogood, diving beneath the surface to reach the—does Toogood have Knowledge (Arcana)? No?—to reach the sheep skull. He ties the rope around the skull and 'I tug on the rope'.

'What does that signify? Did you work out a code?'

'Yes. One tug means 'pull the rope'. Two tugs means 'pull the rope'. Three tugs means, well, pretty much anything I do means 'pull the rope'.'

I point out 'the small flaw when he first dived in and starting pulling the rope as he swam. But when we yanked him back out we had a quick chat and cleared up the confusion pretty quickly.'

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