Genestealer Grenade

Thermagaunts, hormagaunts, and genestealers, oh my! Even more xenos monsters appear to test our mettle. The source appears to be a Cthulhu-like monstrosity at the edge of the arena, shrouded in darkness, and if we can't take him down then we'll need to retreat. So I start looking for a retreat, preferably in to the Imperial Strike Cruiser just behind us.

Until we can get safe, we need to keep suppressing the monsters heading our way. Brother Cadmus tries to fire a missile at Cthulhu, but his launcher gets scared and jams. Brother Lucius fires his heavy bolter at the new genestealer threat, ripping one to shreds. Interrupting my search to unleash psychic flames at another couple of genestealers burns one to a crisp.

'I'll shoot one of the unwounded genestealers', says Brother Lucien, his keen decision to not shoot one of the dead xenos reminding us why we picked him as squad leader.

At least the suppressing fire allows time for Brother Cadmus to unjam his launcher. With it ready to fire, his looses a krak grenade directly at the remaining genestealer.

It's a solid hit. '32 damage, penetration 8.' That should do it. 'And blast 1'. Yeah, a unit-radius blast of genestealer parts, that is.

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