Not Knowing What We Know

Tyranid termagaunts! A scuttling noise behind us, as we examine the wreck of another Imperial ship fated to be a permanent fixture of the space hulk Mortis Thule, turns out to be a new Tyranid menace.

Lucius recognises them. 'This doesn't look good. They generally swarm the field by the thousands.'

'It's a good thing that we're not in a field, then.' But field or not, we start to suppress the numbers of termagaunts making their way towards us.

Brother Cadmus lets fire with his missile launcher, sending a frag missile in to the midst of the horde. 'Termagaunts go flying!' with the explosion, but a flying horde sounds even worse than a normal one.

Worse still is the appearance of more Tyranid foes. Hormagaunts! 'What do these do?' asks Lucien.

'Well, if rippers rip, hormagaunts probably horm.' To protect at least myself against the threat of being hormed, I consider using the Iron Arm defensive psychic power. But Brother Lucien knows a little about the hormagaunts and advises against it. 'These creatures are so powerful in a horde that they cannot be dodged or parried in melee combat.'

That's good to know, if a little unsettling. Indeed, recalling the information seems to even take even Lucien by surprise. 'What? They can't be dodged or parried?!' Dude, that's what you just told us.

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