Entering a different part of the space hulk has us passing through what looks to be a huge cargo hold, with large silos everywhere. On seeing the silos, Lucien tries to get serious. 'Hand over all your ammunition. No guns in here, Brothers. Flamethrowers only.' Quite why he's quoting a film 38,000 years old is beyond us.

More concerning than the silos, a humming sound is coming from somewhere, and it's not quite mechanical in origin. 'Giant bees!' says Lucius. We would listen more, were he not suggesting some kind of giant bee menace in every other encounter. Then again, even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day.

Giant psychic space wasps appear above us, flying down from the ceiling in a manner that is made more threatening for them being 8 feet long. Thankfully, giant psychic space wasps don't fly too fast, and we have bolt guns. Bullets spray here and there, some even hitting the wasps, the one wasp managing to survive to get in to close range sadly only setting itself up for a worse fate.

I call upon my own psychic powers and unleash fiery doom from my hands, sending a blast of flames towards the giant psychic space wasp. It burns, and although it doesn't die it looks to be on its last legs. It had six to start with, so that's got to be a good result.

Unfortunately, the wasp is not the only thing to burn. So does the air around the wasp. It's now that we learn what the massive silos contain, and what effect a whole bunch of missed automatic fire can do. Holes punched in to the silos caused some liquid to start spraying out, fairly lightly to start with, a liquid that is quite flammable.

My psychic flames extend farther than the 30 feet than is normal, burning the air all the way down the cargo hold, where the flames start rising. We have seconds to realise what's happening and run in the opposite direction, looking for cover. 'I told you to hand in all the ammo!' shouts Lucien.

'Yeah, but you also said to use flames, and look how that's working out.' The flames reach the silos and a massive explosion sends us all flying! We're hurt but alive. Even better, not only is the second wave of giant psychic space wasps gone, but so are the nests that were on the ceiling. Think of the XP!

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