Language Evolves Quicker Than Complaints About Language

Finding a sizeable portion of a ship's crew still alive and sane inside the Mortis Thule space hulk is extraordinary. They have a working Gellar field, which has got to be a life-saver, but that no xenos or warp fiends have wiped them out entirely is still an achievement. We must work to get them to safety, off the space hulk.

In our discussions with those in charge of the remaining crew, a medic is called to take a look at our wounds. His skill is clear, even to the point of eclipsing our own Brother Lucius. This upsets Lucius enough to warrant a bit of light interrogating, an act that turns out to actually be warranted.

The medic is no ordinary crew member, but ex-Imperial Guard. In the face of a Deathwatch squad bearing down on him, the deserter tells the story of how his unit was brutally attacked and decimated, leaving so few alive that they were disbanded.

Lucius isn't buying the story. 'Surely if they were decimated, then 90% of the unit survived and they would never have disbanded.'

'Brother, language changes and evolves. It's been 40,000 years, let it go.'

'No, I won't. Next he's going to tell us that they were literally disbanded!'

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