More of a Smothering

The space hulk shudders and subsonic vibrations are felt resonating through the entire structure. It seems the Mortis Thule is about to enter the warp again. We haven't been able to find a way off the hulk, but we have found a working Gellar field to help keep us safe whilst we are in warp.

But, as was the case previously, the Gellar field begins to take the toll of the warp creatures trying to breech it. It seems our strong presences are enough for the foul denizens of the warp to exert greater effort in to reaching us. This probably won't go down well with the ordinary crew who have been safe for so long.

Monsters smash at the edges of the Gellar field, some breaking through the longer and deeper we stay in warp. It is almost inevitable that the Gellar field finally fails and we succumb to an oppressive conscious feeling. The last we experience is a large gaping maw encompassing us.

After what seems like an eternity, our consciousnesses crash back, like a tidal wave hitting...

'Tidal waves are much more a continuous effect, quite distinctive from a crash.'

...except Brother Maynard doesn't quite recover consciousness as the xenos move in to ravage him.

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