Weld, Cut, What's the Difference?

In a bizarre coincidence, the bridge electronics flare up, despite a lack of power, and overloads. This surge of power and noise triggers safety mechanisms, slamming the bridge door shut and bringing down a blast shield, ensuring that anyone on the bridge has no way to escape, as a swelling of psychic energy manifests, threatening to overwhelm and kill us within a couple of minutes.

We have to improvise our way out of here. Brother Lucius has an idea, given that he apparently isn't skilled enough to stick a grenade to the door using melted wax, and whips out his plasma pistol.

'Okay, roll to use the plasma pistol as a welding torch.'

'Cutting torch, sir.'

'Right. Good, Lucius has a steady hand, and successfully welds a section of the bridge door.'

'Cuts! Cuts a section of the bridge door! Why are you trying to keep us in here, you monster?'

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