Better Than an Inn Creep

Gowan the Bone Harvester has become our only link to curious happenstances surrounding dragons and dragon-like abominations in the area. It would be good to question him about what he knows, so that we might uncover what's going on. However, Gowan was last seen heading with some haste out of the village, towards Goldrock.

We follow to Goldrock, but lag behind Gowan by about a week by the time we get there. Now we have to locate him. Farrel has an idea, 'We should check in to an inn, see if anyone has seen him. There are quite a few, though, as the town is fairly large, so we'll probably have to work through them. But we should find him eventually, as he's bound to have sought accommodation.'

'Can I just clarify,' says Toogood, 'that what you are suggesting is we go on a pub crawl?'


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