And We'd Get Eaten by an Angry Dragon

The town of Goldrock has a dragon as its protector. Or so the story goes. Three hundred years ago a red dragon promised the town protection, on the condition that it was otherwise given its privacy.

The town agreed, because who wouldn't, and created a unit of elite guards to be stationed in three fortresses that guarded the entrance to the dragon's lair. Of course, no one would dare raid a village under the protection of a red dragon, but is there really a red dragon protecting the village?

One old man remembers his great-grandfather having seen the dragon, but his estimate of its size and the size of the lair don't quite match up. And despite patchy stories of people seeing the dragon fly at night, and the occasional puff of orange smoke coming out of the lair, the whole tale starts to smell a bit fishy.

'We should stay up', says Toogood, 'look for him at night, when the villagers say the dragon flies around. Maybe we can even provoke him to come out. What's the worst that could happen?'

'He could be provoked in to coming out.'

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