Dealing with Clorr Gone Rogue

Death Cult Assassin Clorr has gone rogue. She's probably been dominated by Interrogator Thirl, but who can tell? Clorr's all over Brother Lucian, trying to stab him with her power stilettos, but on missing backflips away and turns her attention to me.

Oh yeah, time to melee. This is why I have my force sword. I swing and hit, Clorr failing to parry my blow. I already do good damage, boosted by my psy rating, but I can do more. It only requires a successful focus power test, and seeing as we already have one Daemon Prince summoned because of the perils of the warp I don't think I can make the situation much worse.

My focus power test succeeds, no psychic phenomenon suffered, but with no degrees of success. I need degrees of success to inflict my extra damage. This sounds like a good time to spend a fate point. I reroll, this time passing the test with two degrees of success. That's an extra 2D10 damage.

The 2D10 is rolled, getting a result of 3 and 1. It doesn't sound like much—indeed, greater fuss is made about how I used a fate point for 4 extra damage—but in this case it is just the ticket. Clorr drops from 5 points of critical damage, badly hurt and losing lots of blood, to 9 points of critical damage—cut in half and dead. Success!

Given that Interrogator Thirl is about to be squished by a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, I wonder when the domination effect would have ended.

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