The Emperor Moves in Mysterious Ways

Somehow, we don't manage to surprise the orks inside the main entrance to the watch station. Something to do with security cameras in the airlock. We have to fight our way in.

One ork has a fully automatic weapon, and he opens fire on our Brother Lucian. One bullet hits. It's a decent hit too, getting the maximum 10 damage from a D10 roll.

'Do the orks get the benefit of the extra damage roll on a 10?'

'I dunno. Isn't it something to do with the Emperor's favour?' A quick check of the rules confirms this. 'Yes, there is a "chance the Emperor's favour is with the attacker", but it's not restricted to Deathwatch marines.'

The ork confirms the attack and gets a second damage D10 added to the first, which means more damage inflicted to Brother Lucian.

'The Emperor has indeed smiled on the attacker. His wisdom is a shining beacon to us all.'

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