The A-Hard

We need to hit the ork camp. Turning their fuel dump in to a fireball should work as a diversion, at which point we can drive our buggies through the camp towards the arena. But how to get in to the arena, which is deep in a canyon running through the middle of the camp?

Driving the buggies over the edge of the canyon seems like the best idea, which is unfortunate, as the landing will almost certainly hurt. 'How about we hit a ramp with two wheels and jump and roll the buggies over the edge, then repeatedly fire the weapons to retard our fall enough to land safely?

'Or we could jump the buggies directly in to the arena, jumping off at the last second as they fly towards the biggest orks and decapitate them.'

We're making some good film references here! That's film references that are good, by the way, not references to good films.

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