Sleeping in Soup

Toogood and Farrel don't seem to be particularly injured, but being stabbed by a dagger whose blade dissolves can't be a good sign. Thankfully, we recovered an intact dagger from one of the slain attackers, which we take back to Marva, who is definitely not a dragon.

Consulting her tomes of wisdom, Marva finds some information. 'This is Blade of the Basking Wyrm. Each blade is enchanted, with many different types of enchantment possible, none of them good for the victim.' Well, no, I don't think any of us expected unicorns and rainbows to result from a stab wound.

As Marva finishes telling us of the blades, the last sliver of sunlight disappears over the horizon. And, with that, Toogood and Farrel fall asleep right there at the table, Toogood in to his pie, Farrell his soup.

I rescue Farrel from drowning, then eat Toogood's pie, which isn't a euphemism. I suppose we're not doing anything now until morning.

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