Assault on Dragon Mountain

We need to get to the top of Dragon Mountain, to find the supposed dragon in order to lift the curse on both Toogood and Farrel. We can't do this at night, because of the curse that puts the pair to sleep at sundown, so it means a daytime raid. First, we need to get through the imposing stone gate.

There's no way we can get the gate open, and the only times it is open are to let guards in and out, which would mean a direct assault against the maximum number of guards. We'll just turn up shortly after the change of guards and climb the gate.

Thankfully, the embossed dragon on the front of the gate makes the 20 ft climb pretty straightforward, although perhaps not for Farrel in his heavy armour. That's fine, as Toogood and I are adept at climbing. Toogood prepares to go up first, as I stand ready with my bow in case he is spotted. It doesn't seem likely, as no one has tried to attack the mountain in over a century. No one has been quite as stupid as us.

Toogood gets a good handhold and starts to pull himself up. Unfortunately, a roll of 1 on his climb check, the only roll that would see him fail, means that 'you make no progress at first, as you get a foot or two up the gate then stumble and stub your toe. Do you want to try again?'

'Naw. This is clearly too difficult. Let's just go home.'

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