But Maybe We Could Put Him on a Lead

We've cleared the first guard house along the path up the mountain to the dragon. A couple of dozen of supposed elite fighters of the One Hundred lie slaughtered on the stones, which we step over to examine a couple of rooms on the far side of the courtyard. One is padlocked.

The padlocked door shakes and rattles as whoever is inside hears us approach. 'Let me out', shouts a familiar-sounding voice. It's Gowan the Bone Harvester. No wonder we couldn't find him in town.

Naturally, Gowan wants to be let out of his cell. Also naturally, we're not too inclined to agree to this straight away, as we remember when he started pelting us with arrows for pretty much no reason. Then again, he can't exactly be friendly with the One Hundred, being locked up in one of their cells, so it's not likely he'll give us up at the next guard tower.

Gowan also wants to go up to the top of the mountain. He is a little coy as to why, but we pretty much assume everyone's inevitable betrayal these days, so his reasons aren't too important at the moment. We could probably use his help to get to the dragon, and then deal with whatever happens once we're there.

'We could even send him up first', says Duncan, 'let him draw the fire.'

'Dammit, he's not one of your pets!'

One Response to “But Maybe We Could Put Him on a Lead”

  1. Duncan Says:

    I know! He's even more expendable than my pets! Um, not that my pets are expendable.