Like a Natural

One fortress cleared, one watchtower sorted. We continue to the next corner in the path, where a second watchtower is constructed. Toogood and I sneak up, silent as you like, and get to the rope ladder underneath. Now to see if we can catch them by surprise.

'Make Move Silently checks.'

'Natural 20.'

'Natural 20.'

'Well, damn. But I hope you realise that means it will all be downhill from here.' Not true! We're going up the mountain to see the dragon.

Needless to say, we get the drop on the two guards in the tower. Toogood goes up first, climbing the rope and getting in-between the guards. 'Where do you want to position yourself?'

'I want to interpose myself in the watchtower between the guards and the warning bell.'

'So... you want to aim for the bell-end?'

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