Cut Down Like a Dog

We connect with a contact in the resistance, but our meeting place is rumbled. We find this out when we hear a voice outside the front door commanding someone, probably multiple someones, to burst in. A massive thud signals our first taste of action in the threatening war.

Not only does the front door get bashed open, a few other people armed with saps run down the stairs. For some reason, they're screaming and one is on fire. Never mind, we have to get out of here.

The two people at the front door are despatched easily enough, and the two behind us are held in place. The leader, still outside, sends his dog in to attack.

Salvadore, bane of all animals, uses his glaive to hit with an attack of opportunity as the dog rushes snarling in to the building, narrowly missing a critical strike but still cutting down the dog brutally before it even gets close. This kind of slaughtering of innocent creatures comes naturally to our duskblade.

'It's just a shame he didn't get to cast colour spray on the beast first.'

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