I'll Touch Myself

Our connection goes somewhat awry. For a start, our contact identifies me, a gnome, to be his contact, a human. He gets shifty, we remain clueless. Of course, us being the greatest detectives in the realm, we spook him.

The gnome flees, hitting the first-floor balcony and starting to scrabble up the side of the building, somewhat spider-like. Salvador gives chase, barging open the door, through which Thrak runs and tries to grab the gnome, knowing we want answers and not a dead body. He misses.

A light appears from the floor above, which Salvador recognises as a lantern archon, a lawful-good planar being. They must have met before, because a light from the archon engulfs both Salvador and Thrak, dooming them, just a little bit. The gnome remains in good health and climbs up to the next story.

Undeterred, Salvador shares his plan to reach the next balcony. 'I'm going to jump up there. All I need is a run up.'

Once reminded that the building is circular and convex, and that most people have trouble changing directions in mid-air, Salvador decides instead to find a ramp up to the next balcony and keep his feet planted on a solid surface. He does this, catches up with the gnome, and tries to grab him, failing.

I knew it. No one really wants to touch a gnome.

One Response to “I'll Touch Myself”

  1. Elf Says:

    Salvador not understanding physics. Maybe if he'd studied harder, he could have gone to university.