Running Away is Still the Better Option

Inside the elven enclave, we've surprised the elf wizard leading us to the case we're after by ambushing and killing her. The surprise didn't last long. Now we've found the building where the case is supposed to be, and been let in all by following the voices in Aggar's head. No, it's not ideal.

Also not ideal is that we get in to the building by setting off a trap, which gets an alarm bell ringing. The celestial guard badgers growl at us for a bit, before our two critter killers despatch them with a little too much fervour.

There's no sign of the case on the ground floor, so up the stairs we go, my leading the way. I stop abruptly, seeing two elf fighters in chainmail appearing at the top of the stairs.

'This is the time to use the devastating spell you've been saving for this moment!'

'Disguise self?'

'Yep, as an elf.'

'An elf that's a good foot shorter than the shortest elf on record? I'm not sure that would be convincing. An elf child, on the other hand...'

'How about a mutant, disfigured elf?' says Thrak, making a callback to an entirely different adventure, and adventuring party. And race.

'You could pretend to be kneeling down', says Salvador.

'Or an elf that doesn't have any legs!' adds Aggar.

'Or—or—an elf child! I'm pretty sure one of us suggested that already. No wonder none of you are wizards specialising in illusions, you're freaking idiots.'

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