Well Spoken, if not Well Read

Aggar's mysterious voice is talking again, except this time we can all hear it. It wants the case that we've recovered, which we are fine with, but only after we've got what's inside the case, which the voice is fine with. The problem is that we can't open the case.

My terrible diplomacy works wonders, in a terrible way, and forces the issue. A glazed look comes over Thrak's eyes, and he is convinced that our best option to resolve the conflict is to just hand the case over. Not on our watch, mister. Salvador grabs the case from the table before Thrak can get his mits on it.

Our reluctance to give away the information we've fought for has the invisible voice reveal itself, as the imp attacks Salvador with his sting, wanting to take the case by force. The sting hits, piercing Salvador's skin, and poisoning him.

'I say, little fellow', says Thrak in response, 'that's very bad form'.

Best dwarf barbarian ever.

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