It Takes Allsorts

We get the case and the information inside, now we need to get it out of the city and to safe hands who know what to do with it. Getting out of a city that is somewhat sieged and being held to ransom won't be as easy as walking out of the gates at midnight, however.

Our contact with the resistance sets up a meeting with a councillor who can apparently get people out of the city somewhat legitimately. He's rather eccentric and awfully rich, and quite influential. As we are exchanging pleasantries, he shows us some of the paraphernalia that his house was preparing for the celebration of the new year, which has now been cancelled. This includes a load of weapons made of flowers, and dresses made of sweets.

'Well, if they're not going to be used...'

'No. We are not bloody walking out of the south gate, past the guards, wearing dresses made of Liquorice Allsorts! I know we aren't the best adventuring party in the world, and that most of our plans are shoddy, ill-considered nonsense, to say the least, but there is a limit, which definitely includes refusing to disguise ourselves as Bertie-bloody-Bassett!'

'I just wanted to eat some of them.'

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