Fascinating Fiery Bats

Deeper in the fire forest, a stone bridge crosses a gorge. We have little choice but to trust the bridge, already broken in places, despite the stress the continuous fire surrounding it must have caused the stone. Most of us get across safely, having found and avoiding some weak spots, when from a cave below us a swarm of flaming bats appears.

A swarm! That's okay, all we need is a source of fire to—oh. They're already on fire and don't seem to be affected. Never mind, we have other tricks up our sleeves.

I cast Speak with Animals! 'Piss off, bats.'


'Sorry lads, I tried my best.' Thankfully, however, that isn't quite my best. Having just gained access to second-level spells, I have Hypnotic Effect learnt. I cast the spell and a cone of dazzling colours flies from my fingers, overwhelming the bats' low-light vision. The swarm is fascinated, letting Aggar cross the bridge and the entire party retreat from the swarm safely.

That was a stroke of luck. A bit of analysing the situation after-the-event even makes us think it was perhaps our only chance. Thank goodness the swarm of bats fell under the hypnotic effect.

'I'll never call our gnome illusionist useless again', says Thrak.

'Yes you will', comes the chorus of replies. Despite his efforts, Thrak ain't no wizard, and we easily save against his feeble illusion.

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