He's Feeling Better

We enter the fire forest, a forest that has been burning for decades. That seems peculiar, if we're being honest, and are intrigued as to what could cause this. Unfortunately, the level of knowledge Salvador can bring to bear on the subject is that a forest burning for forty years isn't natural. Thanks, Sal.

As we progress a little way in to the forest, protected from the heat by some potions, we see ahead of us some charred bodies on the ground. 'Are they dead?'

I'm told, with chuckles I don't think are entirely warranted, that, yes, they are obviously dead. Whatever they were. 'Can we tell what they were?', Thrak asks.

Our cleric moves forwards to investigate further. As Aggar crouches down to examine the charred remains, a blackened arm reaches up to him, startling everyone around. Well, almost everyone.

'Oh, I see. They're obviously dead, are they?'

'They obviously looked dead.'

'I didn't ask if they looked dead, I asked if they were dead. Don't blame me for this one, Aggar. I had you covered.'

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