More Effective When Uninvolved

We spend the night camping on a small patch of land in the middle of a swamp. Well, some of the night. We're interrupted by the approach of a boat carrying some hostile tieflings, singing a melody that lures a few of us in to the water.

As it turns out, being lured away from the camp is not such a bad thing, given that those who resist the enchantment are then caught by a following web spell, which is itself swiftly followed by a stinking cloud.

Salvador is caught by both the web and the stink, and struggles to get free. The stinking cloud restricts his actions, and the web restricts his movements. Aggar and Thrak are lucky in getting free of the web quickly, and able to move out of the stinking cloud.

Being free of the effects, Thrak offers his advice to Salvador. 'Light a torch and burn the web away!' a swamp, when it's raining, and whilst he's actually trapped in the web. Thrak should stick to fighting.

Thrak sticks to fighting, but more shadow boxing than real, damage-inflicting fighting. As it turns out, despite Salvador being choked whilst uncomfortably bound—a normal Tuesday night for him—and taking the whole fight to break free, it is his initial strength-sapping spell that helps the most and his summoned creature that does the most damage. It was a weird fight.

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