On a Quest to Find Ourselves

Maybe we shouldn't be pairing up ugly and uglier to get information from someone, but we are. Let's just not let our expectations get too high.

Thrak and Salvador enter the shop and approach the owner, hoping to get some information about a stolen dragon's egg. Surprisingly, they make some progress, getting the owner to admit to having black market connections, and Salvador pushes to get some names.

Salvador offers a bribe. '200 gold pieces now, 300 more if the information leads to us getting the egg.'

'Okay, I can be persuaded. Now, I don't know their names, but you should be able to find them by their description. A gnome and a human...'

Oh dear.

'...have shown interest in finding the egg. They'd be the people to ask about this.'

Oh dear, oh dear. Salvador just handed over 200 gold pieces to learn that the other members of his party are on the same quest. Needless to say, we already knew this. Our ruse to keep our affiliation unknown has worked against us. It would take a half-wit not to realise what's just happened. Meanwhile, Thrak continues to listen to the descriptions the shopkeeper is giving, taking notes.

Worse still, if we do end up recovering the dragon's egg, we'll technically owe the shopkeeper that further 300 gold.

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