Someone's Boasting

Despite our best efforts at being completely rubbish detectives, we manage to locate the stolen dragon's egg. We should probably write down what we did so that we can repeat our successful methods next time. Something about talking to people, I think.

We bargain with the thief to sell us the egg, but with no intention of paying for stolen property. He doesn't cotton on, and takes us to view the egg and confirm it's real. It is, and we nick it back, with Aggar's plan working to lock the thief in his own shack of stolen goods.

We turn to leave, to take the egg back to its dragon owner, but 'before we go, I want to find a small hole in the shack and...'

'Dammit, Salvador. How many times? No glory holing'

'...and summon the centipede.'

'What did I just say?'

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