Skeletons and Blinking

Skeletons! Thousands of them! Wait till you see the whites of their eye sockets, lads. Moving through the flooded building where we were guided to find the centre of the storm ravaging the city, we find a room of cells that makes us realise the building used to be a gaol. But what we thought were rotting bodies of long-forgotten prisoners are actually animated skeletons, part of someone's cunning defences. I suppose the dead adventurer in the previous room should have tipped us off.

What can we remember about skeletons? I believe they're mindless, and so unaffected by mind-affecting spells. That's pretty logical. I flip through my spell book looking for something that would be effective, and remember that I'm an illusionist. I primarily cast illusions. Illusions are mind-affecting spells. That's neat.

Luckily we have a cleric in the party, one who specialises in turning undead. Another characteristic of skeletons is that they are undead. This is neater. Aggar calls forth his holy power and, with a word, disintegrates over half the skeletons in the flooded cells. He smugly waits another round, watching Thrak and Salvador try too hard to fight the undead whilst underwater that have advanced towards us, and calls upon his power again. The rest of the skeletons turn to dust in the water.

Now we can proceed. We head deeper in to the building, which looks like it means heading deeper in to the water. We have water-breathing potions, which we take, but Salvador's blink dog familiar forgot to bring one. Silly doggy. Salvador considers his options and decides that it's probably best to let his dog blink to the other plane for now, and recall him when it is safe to breathe again.

Sending his blink dog across planes opens a discussion as to what happens to the water around the creature when it blinks. Does it take any water with it to the other plane? If it blinks back to water in this plane does it displace the water, or does that water get sympathetically transferred to the plane the dog came from? And if the water does get transferred, would we be able to eventually reduce the water level by continually having the dog blink back-and-forth?

'I love this adventuring party. There's a major storm threatening to ravage the entire city, time is of the essence in dispersing it, and one plan is to wait for the blink dog to deplete the ocean.'

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